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Apparitions EP


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Quartz & Jamal - The Revisit

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System Music (SYSTM046)

1x Vinyl 12"

Release date: Jul 7, 2023, United Kingdom

Renowned producer Elliot Garvey, also recognised as Quartz, has unveiled a 4-track EP for us at System Music. This exceptional collection of unconventional yet functional 140 tracks solidifies Quartz's position as a boundary-pushing artist, showcasing his versatility beyond his renowned Drum & Bass repertoire.

Entitled "Apparitions," this EP showcases Quartz's ability to craft mesmerising compositions while staying true to his signature sound, which is both acoustically dense and hyper-futuristic, typically defying traditional structures.

Elliot's mission to fashion music with absolute integrity and sincerity yields an authentic and credible experience yet again. The rugged and gritty essence of this 4-tracker serves a purpose, with its distorted and offbeat character making Quartz one of the most inventive mavericks of recent years.